Carola Becker

Carola Becker


Wellbeing retreats need to go beyond the Spa

Wellbeing is important, no doubt. Pressures of all sorts leave us exhausted, stressed and maybe even burnt out.  So it’s no surprise that the wellness market is booming. The thought of a few days of relaxation and pampering is tempting, and you can find anything from yoga retreats to spa weekends, from detoxing to boot camps. You are literally swamped by offers that take you around the corner of your hometown or to exotic locations all over the world. 

But how sustainable is the effect? Do you feel the impact of your spa day or your massage for months? We doubt it.

Most wellbeing retreats are still centered around beautiful surroundings, and relaxing treatments. And that’s great. Yes, everybody loves those retreats where you only get up from your sun lounger to get a massage. But is that it? By the time you sit in the car, your shoulders tighten up again, your emails keep pinging and you’re back to reality without a concept or idea of how to extend this beautiful feeling of relaxation.

How much will a retreat like this help your wellbeing on a daily basis long after you return home? 

It should be the aim of a retreat to either start or find your way back to a healthier way of life:

  1. you learn about healthier ways of eating and meal ideas that work for your busy life, you can make changes immediately after your return and see the benefits for your body and mind
  2. you understand how much your brain is involved in your wellness and explore techniques how to support your mental wellbeing
  3. you can start creating those little breaks to ‘reset your mindset’ at home
  4. you know how you can create healthy habits, you will walk away with your very own wellbeing toolbox.

With these thoughts in mind, we have created – retreats with a twist:  

  1. wonderful locations all over the world
  2. eco-friendly and sustainable venues that don’t neglect comfort and luxury
  3. beautiful surroundings, allowing you to take a break from it all
  4. a private chef who we create exciting and healthy menus with that really make a difference to your wellbeing
  5. hosted together with wellbeing expert psychologist and author Dr Vikki Barnes
  6. talks and relaxed conversations about topics like stress resilience, productivity, performance, how to create a healthy and effective team, that help you understand how to create wellbeing in your life – every single day!

This is wellbeing on autopilot, wellbeing that lasts!

If you like to learn more about our retreats in the UK or abroad, please visit

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