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Carola Becker


Create a culture of wellbeing in your business – here is how you can start

If you want to prioritise wellness as a core value of your organisation, you are faced with lots of options from yoga sessions to subsidised eye tests. But physical and mental health benefit enormously from small but impactful changes to nutrition and lifestyle.

One of the key strategies for boosting workplace wellbeing is to encourage healthy habits. But nobody wants to be told ‘Do this’ ‘Don’t do that’ – they key to behaviour change is making it easy and making it fun!

Because when the team is on fire, the success of the organisation is in safe hands!

Let’s have a look at some wellbeing challenges you can adopt easily or your business to enhance wellbeing amongst your team: Here’s an article I’ve written for Workplace Wellbeing Pro Magazine, outlining a number of wellbeing challenges that are cheap to implement and can really make a difference:

Implementing one or more of these challenges is just the first step in creating a culture of wellness. It can seem daunting at the beginning, but the benefits are clear: By promoting workplace wellbeing, organisations can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement. Take one step at a time, get your leadership team on board and include the ideas your team will bring to the table and drive engagement.

It’s not only your people who will benefit from with higher energy levels, better brain performance and mental clarity, your organisation will benefit, too: The data I have gathered over the years shows higher productivity and performance amongst the team, but also reduced staff turnover. Your business will have a better reputation which helps to attract top talent. 

You will create a culture that nurtures its most valuable asset: its people.

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