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Carola Becker

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You First! A special Leadership and Performance event with Frank Dick OBE

Introducing:  ‘YOU FIRST – Healthy Body & Mind for High Performers’


We are delighted to announce an exclusive event tailored specifically for leaders and managers. ‘YOU FIRST’ is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience designed to empower them with essential tools for achieving peak performance while nurturing their physical and mental wellbeing. 


Your hosts are 

Frank Dick OBE, motivational business speaker and coach

Carola Becker, award-wining nutritionist and wellbeing expert




Leaders often find themselves on a constant quest for performance improvement, yet their own wellbeing can be overlooked. Our event will delve into the intricate balance between self-care and success, with a focus on creating a winning mindset while supporting body and mind with actionable techniques and insights for maintaining optimal mental and physical health.

Let us serve you a delicious yet health breakfast, lunch or dinner – exclusively tailored meals that will leave you productive and full of energy. We will explore the intersection of mental, physical and emotional health for high achievers, with frank discussing how to develop a winning mindset and Carola focusing on how nutrition and preventative measures can support stress resilience and peak performance. They will share insights from their experience working with athletes and C-suite executives and provide practical tips and strategies for maintaining focus and motivation even when faced with stress, obstacles and setbacks.


We run this event exclusively for you. Let us know a suitable date and location, and if you want to book breakfast, lunch or dinner on that day. We will find the perfect venue and create a custom-tailored experience for you. It’s more than just another seminar; it’s an intimate gathering of visionaries dedicated to self-improvement.


Your Next Step:


To secure a spot for your leadership team at ‘YOU FIRST,’ please reach out to Rebecca at [email protected]  or simply register your interest using the form below and let us know your preferred date and time. Availability is limited, so we encourage you to act promptly to ensure your leaders can benefit from this unique opportunity.


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