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For a healthier way of working and living,
more energy and drive,
better mental and physical wellbeing.

Change is good! No magic pills or miracle products, no hocus-pocus, no counting calories. You will finally know which foods are best for you to support your body and brain. All aspects of healthy living are taken into account – exercise, recovery,  and how to make your brain your strongest ally on your way to a healthier way of life. 

Ready for change?

Transform your health and happiness with Carola’s audio courses. Designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life, these bite-size sessions empower you with the knowledge to create lasting wellbeing. Choose from several courses and start living well today!

Carola will guide you through the fundamentals of healthy eating and mindful living, making positive change feel effortless. Invest in yourself and discover a happier, healthier you!

Her recipe collections and her book ‘Eat. Live. Perform’ are also available.

Please note that Carola is currently not taking on new clients in her practice, and regrettably, she’s unable to offer personalised advice, nutritional information, or health guidance via email due to safety concerns.

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About Carola Becker

Carola is a forward-thinking certified Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Fitness Instructor and proud founder of Life is Good Nutrition. Her passion is brain health and performance and what everybody can do to support their body and brain!

As a speaker she has been delivering sessions on Nutrition and Lifestyle for organisations in Great Britain, Europe and in the USA. 

She helps her clients make game-shifting changes to their mental and physical health: more energy, better stress resilience and increased lateral thinking. 

In 2024, Carola has been appointed as Head of Wellbeing for the Royal Air Forces Association where she oversees the delivery and development of wellbeing products and services as well as working with stakeholders and partners across the volunteer, private and public sectors to further develop existing wellbeing activities, creating new initiatives to meet the emerging needs of the RAF community.

Please get in touch to book Carola for inspiring after-dinner-talks, key notes and conferences.

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