Carola Becker

Nutrition and WORKPLACE wellbeing



For a healthier way of working and living,
more energy and drive,
better mental and physical wellbeing.

Change is good! No magic pills or miracle products, no hocus-pocus, no counting calories. You will finally know which foods are best for you to support your body and brain. All aspects of healthy living are taken into account – exercise, recovery,  and how to make your brain your strongest ally on your way to a healthier way of life. 

Alone we are a drop,
together we are an ocean

Although you can’t always control your circumstances, what you can control is how you prepare yourself, your team and your organisation to become resilient, fit and have enough energy to do your jobs well – which in turn will set you apart from your competitors.

Eating well is the single most important step to a sustainably healthier and happier lifestyle but food is more than just fuel. A balanced diet is also key to stronger performance and better decision-making.

Which, in turn, will support your business and its financial performance

Brain foods impact mental agility and lateral thinking, and taking responsibility for what we eat and drink – with a little effort – can turn gradual changes into real differences.

Combine strategic eating with targeted mental and physical activities and the potential is there to become ‘corporate athletes’: you and your teams will become better prepared to deal with the challenges ahead.

Welcome to our Award-winning Wellbeing Retreats and Away Days!

Why are we Award-winning? Because we run events with a twist!

Yes, we love those retreats where we sip champagne and only get up from our sun loungers to get a massage. But is that it? We think Wellbeing should be part of our daily lives not only a few days of relaxation and pampering.

At our events there’s more: we help you to kick-start your physical and mental wellbeing. Our retreats are run by Dr Vikki Barnes, clinical psychologist and Carola Becker – #TeamCaroVik 🙂 

You will learn which foods help you feel better, enjoy menus developed by Carola and cooked by our own Chef, taking delicious and healthy foods to a new level.
Led by science, not fads and without finger pointing or any food extremism!

Amazing locations and venues all over the world, nature-based activities, fresh and honest food, lovingly prepared and with your wellbeing in mind.

Vikki will share the science of happiness and what you can do every day to be happier. We will help you building your very own wellbeing toolbox for a healthier body and mind. Full of ideas you take home and incorporate into your busy life.

Find out more about our events, retreats and away days:

About Carola Becker

Carola is a forward-thinking certified Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Fitness Instructor and proud founder of Life is Good Nutrition. Her passion is brain health and performance and what everybody can do to support their body and brain!

As a speaker she has been delivering sessions on Nutrition and Lifestyle for organisations in Great Britain, Europe and in the USA. 

She helps her clients make game-shifting changes to their mental and physical health: more energy, better stress resilience and increased lateral thinking. She works with Corporate Teams and Individuals so they can shape rewarding food and lifestyle routines that will last a lifetime – for a greater feeling of wellbeing and readiness for every challenge life throws at them.

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