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Carola Becker


Travel well – The best foods for your trip and how to choose your hotel and restaurant

If we learned one thing over the last few years, it’s that the wellbeing of body and mind has taken centre stage for more people than ever before. No matter if they are travelling for work or for fun, most people I speak to still consider eating well as essential. If that’s you, please read on!

I love spending my time helping people understand how foods and nutrients work, showing them the difference it makes to their wellbeing if they eat well and look after themselves.  And, not surprisingly, my customers tell me that a lot has changed, at home and abroad.

If you are going away you would like to maintain energy levels and feel your best to make the most of your business trip or holiday. Nutritious meals and snacks will help you achieve that. They keep your blood sugar levels even and don’t put your digestion under too much strain. Eating light is essential if you are travelling through different time zones and can help ease jetlag.

Let’s start with hydration. The air conditioning in cars, on trains and planes dries out the air so your body needs even more fluids than usual. Aim to drink at least 500ml every 2hrs. Always take a bottle of water with you. If you travel by plane, take an empty bottle and refill it after you went through security. Try to avoid alcohol.

Here are a few suggestions for foods that travel well:

  • Take fruit like apples, pears, a banana, or berries in a container. Nothing too juicy or fragile like peaches, melons etc. Remember that dried fruit are very high in sugar, even though they travel well you may want to take only a few.
  • Vegetables like peppers, cucumber, carrots, and celery are great. Cut them into bitesize pieces and keep them in an airtight container. Again, things like tomatoes are probably in danger to get squashed and leaving a mess in your bag.
  • You can prepare your own salad with green leaves, any veg of the above, and maybe something filling like cooked quinoa or roasted sweet potato. Note that you can’t bring meat or dairy products on a flight anymore.  Keep the dressing in a separate (leak-proof!) pot or mini bottle. If you don’t like to carry an empty container with you, buy a bio-degradable one:
  • Note that as long as the restrictions in terms of fluids on planes are in place, you can’t take anything liquid or creamy. 

Eating and living well shouldn’t stop once you have arrived at your destination! If you arrive in a different time zone, try to adjust your sleeping pattern quickly. can help, a handy app for frequent travellers! Stay well hydrated.

An increasing number of hotels and restaurants offer sustainably sourced, luxurious meals with the health and wellbeing of their customers in mind.  Search terms like ‘hotels and restaurants that offer healthy meal options’ will show you many options for every budget: from small boutique hotels and international luxury hotel chains to restaurants all over your destination.

No matter if it’s a holiday with the family, a business trip, or a client dinner, you will be amongst many people who won’t compromise on health anymore. Think of all the business contracts which are negotiated and signed over a meal. Do you really want to risk a good deal because you are tired after a heavy meal? I call it a ‘food hangover’!

You expect to eat well, think clearly, and ultimately, feel well. Dare I say it: the concept of indulgence is largely outdated, apart from special occasions. Your wellbeing is going to be an ongoing experience, at home and when you are travelling. Food can be fuel and fun, for body and mind! Enjoy!

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