Carola Becker

Carola Becker


I am now a creator on ‘Insight Timer’!

This is something really special for me! 

Insight Timer is one of the world’s best – and FREE! – wellbeing apps out there. It’s probably one of the world’s biggest apps and maybe one you have never heard of.  Have a look at 

Here are a few impressive stats:

Insight Timer has over 18m users worldwide, they offer over 150k meditations, talks, live events, yoga, music, and workshops covering a wide range of topics: anxiety, stress, sleep, mindfulness, and more. The vast majority of the content is free! Chances are, whatever you are searching for in terms of wellbeing, you will find it for free on Insight Timer.

I have been using Insight Timer for years and I’m a massive fan! If you know me, listened to one of my talks, or worked with me in the past, it’s most likely that I have mentioned the app to you. Simply because there’s something for everybody.

And now I’m super excited that I am a teacher on Insight Timer! What does that mean for you? 

Many short talks, packed with information, tips and tricks will be uploaded onto the platform over the next weeks and months. And you can listen to all the talks for free! 

I will talk about how you can activate your happy hormones, which foods can help increase your energy levels, how you can form healthy habits for life, what happens to your brain if you reduce your sugar intake, etc. Later in the year, I will create a course about Stress and Mental Wellbeing.

How can you access my talks: 

It’s easy: download the Insight Timer App on Apple or Android, search for Carola Becker, follow me and allow notifications about new content so you don’t miss anything. It would be great if you could also comment or rate my talks!

I’ll see you soon at Insight Timer! 🙂

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