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5-Week Summer Group Coaching / 14 Jul – 11 Aug

Give me 5 weeks and I’ll show you what’s possible – with science-based ways to reduce brain fog, increase productivity and focus, help your energy levels and drive, increase stress resilience: this is your ticket to a healthier body and brain. 
I’m looking for a small group of determined people:

 We had an amazing group at the 5-week coaching programme in January! If you missed out, here’s your chance! 

  • Are you ready to experience the unbeatable feeling of being at your best?
  • Do you want to think clearer, feel great, and enjoy a high-performing brain every day? 
  • Do you want to know how to follow a healthy lifestyle at home, at work and when travelling?
  • Are you a leader, between 35 and 50 and ready to make changes?
  • Do you want to kick-start a healthier life for good?

Then this is for you!        

Eating well and living well can be easy, no matter how busy you are. I understand the challenges of working in a pressured environment and we will find ways how to make you feel amazing at work and at play! Once your brain is in top condition, everything else will fall into place.

Join me as an individual, bring a colleague or your leadership team!

This is NOT:

  • a faddy diet, or a ‘detox programme’ 
  • a boring way to lose weight quickly (and then gain it back again)
  • a promise to achieve a six-pack 
  • a ‘challenge’ where you mindlessly follow a regime

This is all my knowledge, packed into 5 weeks so you can experience a high-performing brain and a healthy body and mind, once and for all!


So, here’s my offer – from 14 July to 15 August I’ll help you kickstarting your mental and physical wellbeing to support your life, career, and personal ambitions. 

What you will get:

  • 5 weekly group sessions via zoom about nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, mindset, and most importantly, I’ll be there to provide positive accountability and help you making progress!
    • Week 1: Your Foods – The good, the bad, the ugly! Which foods should be your staples, what to reduce, how to eat well at home, in restaurants or when travelling
    • Week 2: Your Brain – what it needs to perform better and be less stressed. From hydration to nutrients and why you shouldn’t underestimate your gut health
    • Week 3: Activity and Exercise – How your active body can help your mind deal better with pressure and recover quicker. Which exercises work best and how to include them in your life.
    • Week 4:  Rest, Recovery, and Sleep – Recharge your batteries and the role your diet plays. Easy ways to boost your mood, be fit for international travel, and balance your hormones 
    • Week 5: The Power of Committing and Re-committing – Habit-forming and why willpower is not the best ally on your journey to a healthier self. Upgrade your lifestyle and how to embed healthy habits into your behaviours, for good!
  • Two bonus sessions: 
    • we will have two amazing guest speakers who will share their expertise!
  • Unlimited one2one sessions with me (I mean it, I will encourage you!) via zoom to discuss your personal background, questions, and which changes will work best for you

I will give you straightforward advice, realistic and science-based solutions and a holistic approach which you can adapt to your very own needs and preferences. 

It is based on the tried and tested, most successful strategies I have been using over the years with my private and corporate clients. It’s about helping you experience how amazing it feels if you get your nutrition and lifestyle right. You will feel better, sleep well, think smarter, and have more energy every day!


  • The five group sessions will take place from 14th July 2022
  • Your unlimited one2ones will be arranged at your convenience
  • Special offer: bring your Assistant for FREE – They are the ones who book the table for dinner, arrange meals for board meetings and away days, they organise your calendar and your travels, they are your best ally in making this work!


  • The fee per person for the 5 week-programme which will kickstart your healthy body and mind is usually £1200.00 / $1700.00
  • Special offer for July 2022 (for you and your assistant!) £700.00 / $960.00

My promise to you: If you attend all the sessions and do not see any improvements, I’ll refund your fee. No questions asked. 


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