Carola Becker

Carola Becker

Nutrition Coaching for Individuals


This is not a fad diet – this is a fully personalised programme, tailored around your needs, preferences and your busy life.

If you change the way you eat and live, everything will fall into place: health, wellbeing, activity, sleep, stress resilience. In regular private one2one meetings over the course of 3-4 months you will experience how it feels if you get it right: more energy, a fitter body and mind, increased wellbeing.

Your mental and physical health will be better, you can deal better with stress, are fitter and happier. Personal support, motivation and positive accountability will help you making enjoyable changes and form habits that last forever!

This programme does not follow a strict agenda – it’s about you and your needs. It involves three stages which are carefully designed to ensure you get the most out of it:

1. Transformation

During the first month, consultations include results-oriented step-by-step guidance to eat well, develop the mindset to embrace change and help you see quick and ongoing results.

2. Consolidation

In month 2,  we will track your progress and adapt your nutrition and lifestyle programme to keep it interesting and rewarding.

3. Automation

During the third month, it’s all about habit forming: Forget willpower and guilt around foods and lifestyle – you finally know what’s best for you and how to make your new routines a way of life!

Fees for the 3 month kick-start programme start at £290.00 / $370.00 per week

This is your 3-month kickstart of your new way of eating and living!

But how can you change years of habits?

You are motivated by your success but then, life happens. That’s when you will benefit most from Carola’s Performance Club.

Join Carola’s Performance and Wellbeing Club!

Immediately after your 3-month kickstart, join the Performance and Wellbeing Club and close the gap between knowing and doing with:

  • Monthly On2One consultations
  • Monthly group mastermind sessions
  • Weekly email support
  • In-depth one2one reviews every 3 months
  • Includes a blood test every 6 months *
  • Exclusive 20% discount on our performance and wellbeing retreats for you and a friend
  • Invite to our annual Nutrition and Wellbeing conference in the UK
  • Join the Performance Club today for £190.00 / $250.00 per month

Health is not only being disease-free.
Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy!

Put yourself on top of your priority list and see the benefits every day. Ongoing positive accountability, a friendly group that learns from each other and celebrate success, interesting monthly topics and access to Carola during the group sessions and one2one’s will make your journey a massive success!

Get in touch and call her team on +44 207 873 2339 to arrange a free discovery call with Carola or book directly using the button below.